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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Financial Preparedness - Are You Prepared?
Region V Regional Administrator James K. Joseph quickly goes through important reminders about being financially prepared for an emergency.

After a Storm: Staying Safe Following a Hurricane
Mayo Clinic

What You Need When Registering with FEMA
A FEMA Corps member discusses what you need when applying for disaster assistance with FEMA.

How to Address Traumatic Events with Children
Lee Memorial Health System
The recent school shooting is forcing many families to have difficult conversations with their children. Dr. Siddika Mulchan, a clinical pediatric psychologist with Lee Health, says depending on the child’s age, it’s important for parents to talk to their child about what happened.

Preparing Digital Forms Of Important Documents For An Emergency: It's Scary Simple
Preparing for an emergency can be stressful. Don't forget to upload digital forms of all of your important documents, such as birth certificates and health insurance cards to ensure you are ready.

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