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Healthy Turned Harmful: How Sauces Add Calories
Lee Memorial Health System
Whether itís dipped, marinated or poured over our food, health experts say certain dressings and sauces can transform our once healthy choice into a high-calorie meal.

Why Your Body's Not Geared for a Late-Night Snack
Mayo Clinic
Looking for an easy way to improve your well-being? Stop eating after dinner.

How Much Weight to Give Your Scale
Lee Memorial Health System
Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our scale. Itís an easy measurement of where we stand. But experts believe dieters may be reading it all wrong.

What is Bariatric Surgery?
Bariatric surgery can help people with severe obesity, and Dr. Rodgers explains the benefits and considerations.

How to Eat Healthy
Lee Memorial Health System
When it comes to being healthy, there are many options on how to eat, but dietitians say each diet comes with its own doís and doníts. ďThe Adkins diet, South beach diet, as well as Ketogenic diet, itís kind of like a see-saw effect; youíre trading one macronutrient for another,Ē explained Ryan Morrison, a clinical dietitian with Lee Health.

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