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Work and Occupations
Journal for sociological research and theory in the areas and relationships of work, occupations, and leisure. Site provides free access to abstracts and full text of articles through subscription service.

International Journal of Human Resource Management
Taylor and Francis
Focuses on future trends in Human Resource Management, drawing on empirical research in the areas of strategic management, international business, organizational, personnel management and industrial relations. Site provides free access to table of contents and full text of articles through subscription service.

Journal of Vocational Behavior
Publishes empirical and theoretical articles that expand knowledge of vocational behavior and career development across the life span

Applied Ergonomics
Papers and technical notes on the practical applications of ergonomic design and research. Areas covered include applications in the office, industry, consumer products and information technology

International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
The journal typically covers the following areas: industrial and occupational ergonomics, design of systems, tools and equipment, human performance measurement and modeling, human productivity, humans in technologically complex systems, and safety. The focus of the articles includes basic theoretical advances, applications, case studies, new methodologies and procedures; and empirical studies.

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