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BSCI Telephonic Support Group

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Provides secure, welcoming setting for people who have had, are considering having weight-loss bariatric surgery or who just want to lose weight. Discussions include the latest in bariatric surgery, supplements, and other topics. Registration is not required, just call in. Meets 1st Mon., 8pm (EST); 2nd Tue., 7:30pm (EST); 3rd Thurs., 2pm (EST); 5th Wed., 7pm (EST). Call 712-432-9998, enter BSCI Participant Code # 602024 (toll charges may apply).
Address:Bariatric Support Centers International
1780 West 9000 South # 217
West Jordan, Utah, 84088
United States
Telephone:800-339-9129 / 801-601-8448
Web:Web Address


Search all self-help groups at Self-Help Sourcebook OnlineIMPORTANT NOTE FOR MODEL GROUPS: Model groups are not national or international groups. Contact this group only if you are interested in starting a similar group in your area or country. When writing to this group from the U.S.A., always include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. A small contribution toward their copying costs is also helpful. If you telephone, always be considerate of the time of day or night; most of these numbers are home phones.

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