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Recommended Weight Loss Readings

Harry Mills, Ph.D.

pile of booksThe following books and workbooks are recommended readings for learning more about Weight Loss and related concepts.

  • Agatston, Arthur, M.D. (2004) The South Beach Diet Cookbook. Rodale, Inc. (Primarily recipes from phase two and three of the diet plan are recommended.)
  • American Heart Association. (2001) The New American Heart Association Cookbook. New York, NY: Clarkson Potter Publisher.
  • Bricklin, Mark. (1993) Prevention Magazine’s Nutrition Advise. Rodale Press, Inc.
  • Cain, Anne C. (2003) Lose Weight. Birmingham, Alabama: OxMoor House.
  • Kirby, Jame, RD. (2004) Dieting for Dummies, (2nd ed). Wiley Publishing..
  • Phillips, Bill. (2003) Eating for Life. Golden, Colorado: High Point Media, LLS.
  • Sanders, Lisa, MD. (2004) The Perfect Fit Diet. Rodale, Inc.
  • Weight Watchers. (January 7, 2003) Simple Delicious: 245 No-Fuss Recipes—All 8 Points or Less. Fireside Books, 1st Fireside edition.
  • Weight Watchers. (April 8, 1999) Weight Watchers Simply the Best: 250 Prizewinning Family Recipes. John Wiley & Sons, paperback edition.
  • Weight Watchers. (September 1, 2001) Weight Watchers Simply the Best Italian: More Than 250 Classic Recipes from the Kitchens of Italy. Wiley.
  • Weight Watchers International. (April 2, 2003) Weight Watchers Take Out Tonight: 150+ Restaurant Favorites to Make at Home—All 8 Points or Less. Fireside Books, Fireside edition.
  • Weight Watchers. (August 15, 2001) Weight Watchers Make It In Minutes: Easy Recipes in 15, 20 and 30 Minutes. Wiley, paperback version.
  • Wilcox, Bradley, Wilcox, D. Craig, & Suzuki, Makoto. (2004) The Okinawa Diet Plan. New York, NY: Clarkson Potter Publisher.


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