Interested in Purchasing an EAP?

Welcome to The Oasis Group, a leader in the delivery of Employee Assistance Programs tailored to meet your organizations needs while assisting employees with issues that impact the workplace. We are your one-stop resource for workplace support and people-focused solutions. We can help you achieve the support goals that you have set for the people that make up your organization. At The Oasis Group, we know the value of the relationship you have with your employees. We have designed and tailored our services to your staff’s needs. This personalized service is what makes our EAP successful.

What The Oasis Group can do for you and your organization

· Offer simple, barrier free access to Counselors who can assess an issue and assist in the development of an action plan for resolution.

· Provide Management training, Employee education seminars and many services and programs to meet your organizations specific needs.

· Work with your organization to promote use of the EAP, especially to employees experiencing a decline in job performance.


What sets The Oasis Group apart from other EAPs?

  • We are an Employee Assistance Program FIRST and ONLY, not a behavioral healthcare or hospital program add-on. 
  • You deal directly with The Oasis Group's decision makers for all management needs or special requests.
  • We specialize in customized planning and on-site training for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • We believe the EAP must have a good understanding of the workplace in order to deliver services under the context of a workplace program!  We are diligent in our efforts to maintain a positve working relationship with your organization.


The Oasis Group is a full service EAP provider and we have the tools to bring out the best in your organization.

 This web site provides information about our services for those employees and managers currently covered under our EAP and for those interested in our services.

Our services are offered to managers, employees and their household members.

Contact Jim Printup at (866) 841-6814  or  (952) 252-0019 to get more information on how The Oasis Group can help your organization!

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